Sven Co-op Entity Guide

  Point entity

A button to control an op4mortar with the 'Can control'-flag set. Holding your 'Use'-key on this button makes the target op4mortar either rotate on its horizontal or vertical axis (depending on your setup) in a direction at 40 degrees per second and change the rotation direction when the rotation limit for that direction has been reached. (Pitch always ranges from 0 to 90 degrees) Using the func_op4mortarcontroller consecutively gives more control over the op4mortar's angle as it will rotate slower. When not using the func_op4mortarcontroller for a half second, the direction into which it will make the op4mortar turn the next time you use the func_op4mortarcontroller is reversed for convenience, so players don't have to turn the op4mortar all the way to its rotation limit in order to adjust into the other direction.

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