Sven Co-op Entity Guide

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The game_player_equip entity is a powerful entity for managing player weapons/items/ammo loadout. You can gradually enable more and more game_player_equip entities to increase the players' arsenal as your map progresses, or allow players to trigger it directly. This entity exhibits strange behaviour when used incorrectly, so set it up carefully: Basically, you disable smart edit mode when viewing its properties in Valve Hammer Editor, then add new keyvalues, whereas the key's name be the name of the weapon-/item-/ammo-entity to supply, and value the quantity in which it shall be provided, per player. When providing an uzi, provide either weapon_uzi or weapon_uziakimbo, never both. For weapon quantity, always set 1. Never supply more than the player can pick up/carry. If at least one game_player_equip entity is enabled, the default weapon and ammo loadout from your map's config file will be ignored entirely. So if your map is using game_player_equip entities, you will probably want to have one game_player_equip entity that is always enabled to provide a default loadout. Whether a game_player_equip entity is enabled or not depends on the state of its master. If no master is set, it's always enabled. When the game_player_equip is triggered normally, it will equip the activating player. Be careful with that, as giving a player things he cannot pick up/carry will spawn and lie around till collected, possibly flooding the server.


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