Sven Co-op Entity Guide

  Point entity

The multi_manager entity receives special interpretation of its keyvalues by the game engine to allow the triggering of up to 32 targets with delay and use-type of your choice. In order to do this, you will have to disable Valve Hammer Editor's smart edit mode while viewing a multi_manager entitiy's properties. There, you may add custom keyvalues. The name of the key be the targetname of the entity/entities to be triggered. The value be the time, in seconds, till the target will be fired after the multi_manager entity is triggered (E.g.: "2.5"). The default use-type is 'Toggle'. For other use-types, you must add a token to the value (without the quotes): E.g., a value could be "3.25#2" to killtarget after 3.25 seconds. You may add the same targetnames/keys multiple times. Valve Hammer Editor will automatically add a hash ('#') followed by an ID to the key, as identical keys in the same entity aren't originally supported.


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