Sven Co-op Entity Guide

  Point entity

This entity allows you to create any entity at runtime as you trigger it. Set the desired classname and new targetname, if wanted, then disable Valve Hammer Editor's smart edit-mode to set keyvalues to initialize the to-be-spawned entity with. For key, write a minus ('-') followed by the key you want to set, and as value, set the value you want that key to be set to. Alternatively, you can copy a keyvalue from another entity. To do this, prepend a plus ('+') instead of a minus and write the name of the entity to copy from as the value instead of the value itself. You cannot copy from entity-specific keyvalues, as these cannot be read from the outside. Examples: Key "-health" with value "50.0" to set the health-keyvalue to a value of 50.0. Key "-message" with value "Hello world!" to set the message-keyvalue to "Hello world!". Key "+model" with value "crate_6" to copy the model-keyvalue of the entity by the targetname "crate_6" to the model-keyvalue of the spawned entity.

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