Sven Co-op Entity Guide

  Point entity

The weaponbox originates from Half-Life, where it would be dropped by dead players, containing the weapon they held in the moment of their deaths as well as all their ammunition. In Sven Co-op, the weaponbox can only be explicitly placed into the map by the mapper. Its contents are defined by its keyvalues. Disable 'Smart edit'-mode and add a keyvalue, the key being the weapon/ammo to include, the value being the amount of that weapon/ammo to be included, e.g. key 'weapon_shotgun' with value '1' would provide a shotgun. For weapons, always use a value of '1'. When providing uzis, provide either weapon_uzi or weapon_uziakimbo, never both. Weaponboxes respawn just like weapons, ammunition and items, 15 seconds after being picked up. Below is a list accepted ammo names. Note that for ammo, the value specifies the very amount of bullets/rounds/charges. E.g., a value "3" for key "9mm" will provide 3 9mm bullets, not 3 9mm clips.

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