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As this is an official level in Sven Co-op, no download link is provided here.
BSP Name: sc_doc.bsp

SC Map DB Link: http://scmapdb.com/map:danger-of-collapse-part-1 ↗

This level had a massive plot idea behind it, but the compile tools soon started troubling me with the nifty details which come with mapping for such an old game engine. Between the limits for various map content I cut this down to the basic walkthrough-level it now is. There are quite a few nice ideas to enforce player cooperation, yet in the end this ain't the exciting map it ought to be, missing a handful of sequels to end the original idea; not my best piece of work.

In-game mission briefing:
This base in the Arctic is controlled by some evil organisation. It extorted the
worlds best scientists and forces them to do research on the xen creatures here.

Periodically, groups of the xen forces teleport themselves into this base in order
to free their friends. You will encounter those as well as enemy mercenaries.

You and your team of mercenaries are here to clean up the mess.

Mission Objectives:
- Eliminate the xen creatures.
- Eliminate the unknown organisation.
- Transfer a copy of the research data to headquarters.
- Set a time bomb and escape.

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