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As this is an official level in Sven Co-op, no download link is provided here.
BSP Name: sc_robination_revised.bsp

SC Map DB Link: http://scmapdb.com/map:robination-revised ↗

This map started out as a mock-map for and named after my cousin, and because of that, I did not really focus on visual details in the beginning at all. The map started with plain architectural geometry and a few sewer hallways with zombies. Trying to survive within those narrow hallways has proven to be challenging, fun and requiring player cooperation. Noticing that surviving became more difficult as time passed, this map turned all time-attack-style, being one of the hardest and yet fun maps available in the whole game.

In-game mission briefing:
Players: 2 - 8 (Ideally 4)

In the chaos of the battle against zombies you lose your way and are now stuck up in some underground sewer.
Survive the madness!

- You only have one life, but there are checkpoints which respawn everyone.
- Items that do not respawn have a glowing shell.
- Ledge-climbing is disabled.
- It is sometimes better to avoid enemies than to try and kill all of them.
- Value your armor. It is very durable against all sorts of attacks.
- The 9mm handgun and the crowbar actually pack a punch.
- Are you an experienced player? Then try to find the special collectibles! They will be of use in the sequel.

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