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Foobar2000 ↗ is designed around the concept of playlists quite religiously. However, when people use it they often like to just add songs to the playback queue instead of building actual playlists (especially when they are throwing a house party and want to spend time with their friends instead of obsessing over the order in which they are going to demonstrate their terrible taste in music to everyone). The problem with "Add to playback queue" is that your arduously conceived queue will just vanish as it is being played back, and you cannot make changes to it without starting from scratch. I wondered why using the playlist-mechanism was so unappealing, and concluded the reason to be that it is a hassle: you have to create the playlist, come up with a name for it right then and there and then drag-and-drop items into it, whereby every time you do so, the view will switch to the tab of that playlist instead of just quietly placing them at the end, interrupting your flow. And when you have done all that, there still is no music playing.

Thus I wrote this component, which lets you add songs to a playlist called "Queue" while simultaneously creating a transition to that playlist using an entry in the playback queue. To use it, you just right click a selection of one or more songs and select "Smart-queue selection" in the context menu. In case you queue a couple of songs where the first song in the selection is the currently playing one, the transition to the "Queue"-playlist will be made using the second song in the selection instead so the song won't play twice. This way you can do the important thing (start playing some music) first, and then proceed to add things to the queue. In the end you'll have a list of everything that got played.

Download: foo_smart_queue.0.0.1.rar


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